Ezequiel França

iOS Developer


I’m a iOS Developer at BTG Pactual.


nov/2016 - actual BTG Pactual. iOS Developer

:link: BTG Pactual digital

iOS Developer at BTG Pactual digital, also I support other applications of BTG Pactual.

jun/2016 - nov/2016 Webmotors. iOS Developer

:link: WebMotors (corporate) Group App Store :link: Webmotors (individual) App Store

  • Implemented the new system of notifications / subscribe / for resellers.
  • Responsible to create and apply tests to new mobile developers, also some part of the interview.
  • Standardization of some process’s (docs, certificates, repositories)

jun/2015 - jun/2016 MeSeems. iOS Developer

:link: MeSeems App Store

  • Improved the construction, architecture and UX of MeSeems iOS application.
  • Improved the existing features.
  • Developed new features (Social Forum, Push Notifications)

jan/2015 - jun/2015 Dieta e Saude. iOS Developer

:link: MeSeems App Store

jan/2013 - dez/2014 Apple Developer Academy. iOS Developer

  • Developed apps using Objective-C and various API’s and native frameworks such as Foundation, CoreAnimation, Geolocation and maps (MapKit and CoreLocation) UIDynamics. UIKit.
  • Used frameworks and third libs: Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.), communication frameworks with hardware (CoreBluetooth, FSK, iBeacon).

oct/2012 - dec/2013 IPT – Institute for Technological Research. Specialist Technician (Electronics and Instrumentation)

  • Tests and calibrations on the mechanial lab of force and pressure measurement
  • Supporting the development of automation. (Hardware)
  • Development and maintenance of the data acquisition system. (using Visual Basic (VB6) and .Net and RS232, RS485, TCP / IP protocols)
  • Standardization and monitoring of ISO 9000 quality standards, ISO-IEC 17025.

jan/2010 - oct/2012 Filizola. Electronics Technician

  • Configuration and testing of networks: RS232, RS485, TCP / IP (cable and Wi-Fi) using (Windows / Linux).
  • Update and recording firmwares of weighing scales and yours electronics auxiliarys modules (WiFi modules, TTL - TCP / IP, Solid State (Linux Embedded)).
  • Development of scripts for maintenance and configuration of multimedia equipment.

sep/2008 - dec/2010 IPT – Institute for Technological Research. Intern Technician (Mechatronics)

  • Calibration of analytical and semi-analytics weighing scales l.
  • Pressure gauges calibration, vacuum gauges, pressure transducers.
  • Calibration of dynamometers, load cells and force transducers.
  • Calibration certificate preparation (17025).

2016-18 FIAP Associate’s degree. Computer Systems Analysis (supervisors: not defined). Final Project (Capstone): A sensor network system to measure air condition and pollution in São Paulo City

2007-09 SENAI Technical Education High School Diploma, Mechatronics

Extra Courses

2015-16 Udacity Nanodegree, iOS Development

Technical skills
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Python
  • Arduino
  • NodeJS
  • HTML and CSS
  • Linux and macOS
  • LaTeX
  • Git and Github
Areas of expertise
  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile User Experience

My personal github account hosts my hobby development projects as well as listing contributions to open source tools.

    • 1st AngelHack (social category) and 2nd in general 2016 - sponsors: AngelHack IBM
    • 1st Hackathon Globo 2016 - sponsors: Globo
    • 1st HackaCoffee Campus Party Hackathon 2016 - sponsors: 3Corações Campus Party
    • 1st Internet of Things Hackathon Telefonica 2015 - sponsors: Telefonica Campus Party Brazil
    • 1st Second Fiesp Hackathon 2014 - sponsors: FIESP
    • 2nd Startup Weekend Maker - UNIFEI 2015 - sponsors: UNIFEI Startup Weekend
    • 2nd HackaRB 2014 - Organizer: Reckitt Benckiser Brastemp
    • 2nd Raspberry Pi and Java Hackathon 2014 - sponsors: Oracle SouJava Campus Party
    • 3rd Bus Shelter of Future Hackathon 2016 - sponsors: Ótima São Paulo City Hall
    • Honorable Mention in Masters of Code Hackathon 2015 - sponsors: Mastercard

Available on request.