LiveCube | Hackathon 🥇





Winning project of the 3rd Hackathon CJE! Best in the category Electronics Industry and most shared project :)

How it works? How can technology in addition to connecting, broaden the sense of affection between parents and children?

LiveCube is an hardware for childrens (like a toy) and an app for the parents.

  • Signs of affection: Send signals of affection to your child interactively through Voice, Photo, or Text Messages.

  • Emotional states: Track your child’s emotional state in real time.

  • Activities: Assign personal activities to your child and monitor his or her personal accomplishments.

  • Teach in a fun way: Demonstrate your recognition for your child through resources such as Coinbox, Challenges and Rankings.

  • Safety: Track your child’s location during their activities.

  • Events: Discover places and events your child would like to go with you.