Ezequiel França

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My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture.
❌📱 A little swift Internet error status indicator using ReachabilitySwift
⌚️ 🤓 Controlling your Keynote using Apple Watch
〰️ FSK Library for iOS interface with Arduino Development
Objective-C 78 14
🌃 A very simple IBDesignable UIImageView with pinch zoom swift
🇧🇷 :octocat: Repositório com dados das palestras e palestrantes do TDC na trilha iOS
🇧🇷 Utils libraries for specific use cases / business in Brazil
Swift 30 0
The missing apple watch loader ⌚️
Swift 22 1
A datamuse api swift wrapper without dependencies
Swift 22 4
A drop in UITabbarController with show and hide options
Swift 17 2
Webservice da lista de empresas e produtos que efetuam testes em animais do portal Vista-se.
JavaScript 14 0
API simples do Campeonato Brasileiro
JavaScript 13 7