A very simple Speaker Deck Widget to show yours last talks. Just two html lines. Based on @jcouyang, Github Widget

    <div id="speakerdeck-widget" data-sp_username="speakerdeck-username" data-display="talks"></div>
    <script src="http://ezefranca.github.io/speakerdeck-widget/index.js"></script>

Try it :)


  • username: put your Speaker Deck username in sp-username attribute
  • display: for now, use talks


Go to http://ezefranca.github.io/speakerdeck-widget/your-speaker-deck-username and see how your widget looks

Live Example

  • http://ezefranca.github.io/widget.html

How this works

The same way of gh-widget works. A simple hosted gist get the data from speakerdeck site, and index.js parse and build the widget.