Magrela | Hackathon 🥈

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🥈 2nd Place in General (AngelHack SP)

🥇 1st place in the Social Category

Magrela 1

A big problem when we ride a bike to an unknown location is when we do not know the way to get to a place. Today people end up using the cell phone with Waze in the cars, only that in bicycles is much more complicated because it takes the attention of the biker. Our app consists of solving this problem, through an LED screen, Arduino and Bluetooth, we created hardware that was on the bike handlebar and in real time showed where it should turn if it should move forward. To add the address just connect with the app via bluetooth and the display updates.

The idea was simple: his smart pedal. The application shows the best bike routes in São Paulo, considering bike paths, aspect of the asphalt and degree of difficulty, among other variables. Magrela was thought in three levels - gadget, hardware and software and works like a collaborative navigator, that talks with the device that you plug in your bike. We have here a kind of Waze of the bikes - and he starts to send us directions via audio of the best route.


Magrela 1

Humberto Vieira, Junior Magalhães, Michelly Sorge, Renan Yuri Lino, Ezequiel França, Paulo Henrique Leite